​More often than not we hear people say “no question is a stupid question”. The idea behind this sentence is to encourage people to speak up his or her idea and ask question until they fully understand the subject. While this is good, I doubted myself every single time people i heard it. If you really think that no question is a stupid question – think again.

If you don’t believe me, go to the bank that you want to borrow money and ask them what the cap rate or cash flow is and then see if they will still do business with you.

To put it plain and simple – there are stupid questions, at least in humble my opinion. There is a saying that you will get judged by the question that you asked, not the answer. For me, i think twice whenever i decided to ask a question to make sure it is appropriated. As in the example above, you simply can not go to the bank, ask a series of dump questions and expect them to give you the loan. It’s not that I want to discourage the idea of asking question, but i do believe that you need to do your own research and homework. You can’t expect to show up on the meeting unprepared ask all the questions then expect all the answers.

Worst come to worst I would still prefer to ask the question and get judged rather than go home with unanswered questions hanging on my mind.

Few other folks even make it worst, they pretend to know the answer and yet speak like they understand the entire universe. Trust me, you do not want to be this dude.

That just my 2 cents for the day. What about you, do you believe that no question is a stupid question? Or do you believe that we should think twice and ask the right question?


Happy Thursday!