About the News last night with our president accidentally spoke into the hot micorphone….everyone pay attention to the “stupid son of a b$tch” line but nobody pay attention to what he said before that.. this is so profound. I have to high light it big here:

“No, that’s a great asset. More inflation. You Stupid son of a b$tch”

I mean….. Did i just hear that? The government of the United States of America just called Inflation is an asset.

I will just leave that for you right there! If you have a saving account in US Dollar, the government just rob you and me in day light, and we don’t event know about it

You don’t have to have an economy degree to realize that bad debt is the issue of the US government right now. The only way to reduce that debt is….inflation. By devalue that debt, devalue the dollar, devalue our saving account.

The question is…what are you going to do about it? Are you going to let the government simply wipe our your saving by printing more Money? Well I guess if you are the 80% of the population who does not have more than $1000 in your saving account then it’s no problem.

But for the 20% of us, imaging if you save all your life for $50,000 and all you want is that brand new BMW. And the next day when you wake up, before you even notice, the price of that BMW is now a $100,000.

Who are you going to blame? The government?

Or yourself?

What happen if you save $50,000 in gold instead of dollar, would that be a better idea?

What happen if you save that $50,000 and down a house, and use the rental income from that house to pay for the BMW, Would that be better?

The government will do what the government do best – print their way out of problem until the currency deflated completely and come up with the new currency. In the meantime, let’s learn to play their game and beat them at their own chest board

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