Just have a chance to stay at a very nice hotel in Saigon and decided to put some note down to improve my own Airbnb:

  • Need to have amenities and liquid makeup removal for women
  • Listerine will be a nice bonus.
  • dental kit for people like me who forgot all the time.
  • stand alone tub is so nice compared to the tub that sticks into the wall
  • Good water pressure is a must. I’m not sure if anyone likes me but when I travel, the thing I need the most when coming to a stop is a clean bathroom and clean shower room with good water pressure. it’s so hard to get American grade bathroom when traveling around Asia.
  • start thinking of complementary service/ up-sale service? This hotel they shine my shoes for free. it’s not much but man, I never shine my own shoes for the past 2 years this is nice.