Quick post about the info i gather on US economy  before the work day started:

Yesterday CBNC released the number that credit card debt raised from 71 Billions Dollar to 917.7 Billions Dollars. that’s almost 900% increase. I repeat 900%


If you look at the job market closely You will see that the job number is in fact going up, but if you look a little bit more closer, you will see that the high paying job are being replaced by lower paying job in the service industry. This will drive income inequality even higher and create the bigger gap between the wealthy and the poor. There is no need to say that the Middle class in America is disappearing. We are heading where Europe headed

1.3 Trillion in student loan debt

1 Trillion in auto loans – depreciating assets

Negative interest rate in Japan

China Export down 25% creating dead lock/dead spiral in global economy

3 Million Baby boomer is retiring in 2016 and start mandatory withdrawal in the stock market in 2016. If you think that won’t affect you. think again. May be Yellen will do another QE to prop up the market. then the bubble will be inflate for a couple more years

  • Did some Genius on  TV told you that we are better than ever before? May be it’s time for you to wake up