As your businesses and investment’s portfolio are expanding. Often people forget who they are and what kind of problem they originally set out to solve for. I often see this scenarios when the math for cash flow become tight. When the pressure is on and you are waiting for that paycheck simply to pay the bill and survive through the next month, this is where focus starts to loose ground. Your mind eventually gets shift from the original problem to simply looking for money. This is when a Jedi started failing into the dark side

I admit that i am a victim of this myself. At one point in my investment life i forgot why i invest in real estate and I simply started looking for is money, This is where i started to realize my business is not going anywhere. I have to constantly remind myself that you are not looking for money.

Your business has to solve a problem: The bigger the problem you solve, the more people you help, the more money you automatically made.

I am committed to become a best landlord/investor/partner/manager when it come to real estate. Our company is committed to provide quality housing at and affordable price. we are turning houses and apartment complexes around and we will help as much people as we can.

Don’t be good, Be great!