Who is Jeff/Amanda? How did you guys get into real estate?

Do you always dream to be a real estate agent when you grow up? what was your life before getting your real estate license?

A lot of agents on this podcast are looking to scale their business from a solo agent to a team, even myself, I have been a solo agent for years. If you could slow down and help solo agents like me understand the decision on why you decided to build Cityside Properties, and especially how you scale Cityside from basically just you to a team of how many agents now?

Seem like things are good where you are at KW, why all of a sudden, risk everything and move to this small tiny company called eXp 4 years ago?

If I understand correctly, You are still active in real estate and your team is selling 600 homes a year. If you don’t mind me asking what your system looks like now after you get a listing/ buyer? I’m just curious to see how the deal flows through your desk until closing

Not only are you able to build your cityside properties team, but Over the course of 4 years with exp, you are able to build your revenue share organization up to 1000 active agents. I mean how! If you don’t mind we will dive deep into this aspect of the revenue share of eXp a bit that not a lot of agents are aware of.

What did you do to get to 10 agents?

What did you do to scale this up to hundreds of agents now?

What is your goal for 2023 and how can we help you?


What do you do for fun?

What business or real estate book comes across your mind right now that is a must-read for 2023

If you can’t pass any money to your kid, you can only give them one piece of advice before you die, what would that advice be? — Send in a voice message: