Well, I probably lost half of my reader here because of my bold title. But if you think that I am joking, I am not.

My heart is broken when I see a real estate agent in their retirement age trying to put together a contract to pay the bill by the end of the month instead of enjoying the best period lifetime has to offer.

In my recent CE class, it is sad to see plenty of people in their golden age trying to do their legal update to keep up with the industry. If you love real estate, there is absolutely no problem with it. But I am willing to bet my pair of duck slippers that half of the room show up not by choice, but by necessity. They have no other option other than selling real estate for their entire life.

Agents, If you are treating your real estate career like a J.O.B, we need to talk. you will never get out of it and probably have to sell real estate for your entire life, whenever you love it or hate it. If you told me you love doing real estate brokerage, you haven’t done enough. Life is about having options, as a mentor once told me “Whoever have more option usually come out better in a negotiation”.

Real estate is the best vehicle to accumulate and multiply wealth, especially income producing real estates such as rental properties, apartment complex, and commercial real estate.

If you are an agent, you can see that we have a tremendously unfair advantage against other non-licensee to have instant access to the MLS. We are the 1st to see the deal. We have the best lead generation tool in the industry and cloud technology. We have multiple revenue sharing streams, stock award and discount purchase for an automatic company ownership (If you have no idea what I just talked about, it’s time to find yourself another brokerage company). I just can’t see a reason why one need to work in their golden ages, unless by choice.

Agent, Please do yourself a favor, if you are treating your career like a J.O.B, stop! Get yourself some rental houses, apartment complex, commercial property. Get yourself in a company where the revenue is shared among agent for a lifetime, and company ownership is encouraged. Please find yourself a way out of Real Estate!

Don’t Let Real Estate own you. You have to own Real Estate.

Be Great!

Picture: Me and Jenny in Hue, Vietnam – January 2017