Repetition is the mother of learning. I understand this concept “Removing yourself out of the business” by heart and by all mean i want to do it. However, easier said than done. I am struggling doing it at this very moment.

Just like a bird leaving the nest too early without learning how to fly, when you remove yourself out of the business too early, it will fail. Also, when you remove yourself out of the business it will for sure make less money. Trust me, no body will take care of your properties or businesses the way you care for them. The money always goes where your attention go.

On my recent trip to Austria, I am fortunate enough to sit on the same dining table with the owners of the CODE magazine. They reminded me again the important of this principle. For them, the quality of life is now an important factor in decision making. I am now reflected this question back to myself . I see that something is not going the right way: The quality of my life is currently the last thing i am thinking about when making the decision if i even remembered. Every single decision that i made, i always put the $ in the front. I totally forget my original goal: To improve my life and other people life. This somewhat explained why my health has been going down significantly and also my rental business is losing its purpose and not making the return i expected. All of the sudden i found myself getting into another job trying to make more $ by all cost. I am failing into the dark side. I lost track of the original mission.

My recent vacation has caused a distortion in my business in a good way. With limited WiFi connection, cellphone, and constant communication with my associates, it has prevented me from working “in my business”. Instead, it cut all the noise and forced me to work “on my business”. To see the business from an aspect of a true owner and not a CEO.

I am now completing my trip, going back to the US with more energy than ever and can’t wait to go back and get thing on the right track.

I will change my life. I will change other people life. I am committed to become a millionaire in the right way

Are you with me or not?


January 09 2016 – Innsbruck – Austria