“What do you need to do right know in order to tell your own story two year later” – Elena Cardone

That is one of my take a way quote during this week Share Holder Conference. The event are getting more and more intense with guest speakers and influencers coming from all over the world and share with us their wisdom and experience.

As always, This is the day where I take a moment to reflect and evaluate all businesses to make sure we are on the right track. In May, we are able to:

Help two family found a home of their dreams. Can’t wait to share with everyone their stories

✅continues to help our sellers list and sold their home on the market for top dollars. cha-ching!

✅ closed out our longest flip of the year. we have been holding this one for 8 months. Kudos to Elva Duong and Jenn Us

✅Flew out to Cabo ✈️ to hang out with my eXp Family. What an AMAZING event!!

✅launched our 4th airbnb property. If you haven’t check it out. make sure to visit https://airbnb.com/h/forestatconroe and get some inspiration from Jenn Us for her design taste. can’t wait to make a blog about this soon

✅made it to the top 5% of the most influential agents. #390 out of 50,000 agents at our brokerage. Super excited to share this model to my fellow agents, and now to the world.

✅98 people total in our rev share group!!!! so many capper, so icon agents and many amazing teams in our groups!! Super proud of everyone. 2 more until the magic 100 number!

✅continue to support and mentor our agents in our revenue share group

✅made some key contact with people in Vietnam to launch eXp in the future.

✅officially launched our 1st eXp Asian Network event. Very humble for Fee Gentry to give us this opportunity to lead and to serve our community. together, Garrick Yan, Nhat Minh and I will lead this community, and reach out to more agents in need of our services!

✅Attend shareholder conference and got my $2,000 cap back in #expi – that was easy

✅did a live public speaking gig after so long! super nervous but it went well!

✅Finally got permit approval with our Independent height home 😭. Now we can continue..after lumber price triple. FML

✅Got my book keeping in order. Thank you HN CPA – Heo Moi for keeping me organized. At the end of the day, we made decision base on accurate number.

What I didn’t do well

🛑gain some weight

🛑haven’t done my taxes for this year 😭

🛑and a whole lot of other things…but oh well. let’s try again. we are all human.

Can’t wait to see what June will bring us

Some highlight of this month events