Just got the 4th payment of revenue share deposited into my bank account since i hang my license with eXp . The amount are too small right now I can’t even brag about it but hey, it has been consistently paying for my mortgage for the past 3 months. I thought for those of us would that has the real estate license, you would want to know what it is.

eXp make a debut last Monday on the Nasdaq and the company is now value at more than 1 Billion Dollar. Since the company leverage technology to get rid of brick and mortal building. It was able to share its revenues to the agent.

Most agents focus on their commission check, which is good. What they doesn’t realized is that commission check is a form of earned income. Don’t get me wrong, you need a lot of earned income, but earned income alone won’t get you wealthy. If you want to be wealthy, you also need to focus on Equity (net worth) and passive income


Agents, what did you do to creative passive income at your company? I would like to know. Are you planning to put out open house sign when you are 60 year old? I hope not.