This is a late post but oh well it is better than nothing. I just love the 22nd of every month as a check point to see what I did well, did not do well over the month to better plan for next month

So what i did well in August:

Get Wabsi Sabi online on Airbnb and got a great guest that will stay there until next year. He is traveling here to Houston for work and Airbnb is a perfect fit

Always Thankful for the rent we received.

2 buyers deal close and one new listing.

Getting my 1st of of ICON shares . If you don’t know what is an ICON agents take a look here. for real estate agent only

I didn’t do anything but EXPI exploded and has been above $40 ever since. This is by far the greatest % gain I ever get in my life in any investment. Refer to the ICON agents link above to learn more about how you could get some EXPI for yourself!

1st time my Revshare group grow WITHOUT my direct labor. Thanks to everyone in the group stepping up and leading the team away! Revshare check made new record high in the past 3 years

What I did not do so well

waking up after 7:00 AM. it is getting later and later and I need to correct that

Not being consistent with my prospecting and follow up call to past buyer, past seller, and past agent.

playing video game more than i should.

I stopped reading book. I kinda lost the routine of going to work in the morning and listening to book. I need to get this habit back. This is pretty bad. I felt like i stop growing.

Looking forward to a great September!