This very same day last year, I took on the challenge and start treating Agent Attraction like a business and become a student of leadership. The result started to show.

People does not necessary follow the product. They follow the leader that are leading that product. What do we need to do every day to make sure we deserve that following?

We strike everyday to become better leader.

we strike everyday to serve more agents

A successful person finds the right place for himself

A successfull leader finds the right place for others

John C.Maxwell

April 22 2020

23 Group Total


April 22, 2021

92 Group Total


This month is actually a historic month for us not only by the quantity of the agents joining, but also quality. We have some of the top producer in the industry joining from Houston, Dallas and more and more people in the group willing to step up their game, give out their time to study this subject of leadership and lead their groups as well.

A tribe within a tribe

a brokerage within a brokerage

Lunch and learn is also back! If you are in Houston, can make it to Houston and interest in eXp. Please reach out to us, We are conducting monthly lunch and learn to share with agents and brokerages a wonderful opportunity about eXp Realty, and especially what differentiate our tribe among others!

Also get ready for the expansion of the #eXpAsianNetwork! We will united our brother and sister in the asian community and making it the strongest community in eXp!

What a month! 10 deals away from being ICON status again on the production side and i try to hit it as fast as I can as well to have more time to help out others in the group. this equity opportunity is second to none! No other brokerage can offer this and i can’t wait to see every one in the group will hit this!

stay #convicted