I don’t build the business.
I build people, and people build the business – Zig Ziglar

Happy rev share day exp family! So excited to partner up with 54 business partners and help them grow their business.

I challenge myself to help each and every one of the members in my group to help at least 2 more agents see the value in eXp. That would triple our group size to 162 next year 😱. Big scary goal but totally doable. 2021 will be on 🔥 🔥 🔥

Do I have doubt? Oh Yes. I remember I looked at Khai on that gloomy day, just like today when he told me he just quit his job to join me 4 years ago. I told him “DUDE..WHY? I don’t know what I am doing yet at this company, don’t follow me 😂 “

But when I see the training and the support, and technology, I believe more

when I see Amanda go out of her way to help me. I believe more

When Elva resigned from her high paying corporate position to join the adventure with me, I believe more

when I see John killing it and make a difference for his family and his community, I believe more

When I get awarded that shares ownership in the company, I believe more

When I hit ICON and really get my cap back, I believe more

When Jhoana built her business from the ground up and hit ICON. I believe more

When Brenda hit her cap and inspired other agents. I believe more

When I see Minh production every month, I flipped out of my chair 😁 and believe more.

Who would have thought I have a shot at doing business in South Africa with Elo? I believe more.

When I see that revenue share check covered all of our bills. I believe more

Then..all of sudden Khai hit ICON last month and leading a team of super rockstars. I am just so glad he didn’t listen to me back then 😅. Thanks for believing in me when I don’t even believe in myself.

Let’s go, team! I am committed to serve. putting the interest of everyone in the group before myself and give everything I got to make sure our group will have the best year ever in real estate in 2021.