Busy busy week! We are off to a great start of the year!

I could not believe that I am at 67.22% cap already and have 10 transactions pending!!!!! I should have been more active on social media but oh well. Sometime the people that is the most active on social media is the one that doesn’t have anything to do?? Well That was a bad excuse for me for not being active but Any how…

As always. I use the eXp Revenue share day of the 22nd just kind of a quick stop. catch my breath, and see if I am running in the right direction, and then keep running again. So here it is..what happened between December 22nd and January 22nd?

✅ 67.22% Capped. What it means for the reader that is not in real estate is that i paid 67% of my cap into my brokerage (eXp Realty) already. After i paid in $16,000, I will become 100% and will be going after ICON again this year

✅ All of my listing pending. Houston #HTX is super hot right now. House has been selling like hot cake. With the right pricing strategy, good marketing from an experience agent, your home should have a contract within a week listed on the MLS with multiple offer. This however caused a problem for a lot of home buyers right now unable to find a home.

Houston in particular, and Texas in general is experience such an influx in net migration right now from other States. As of right now, Houston is experience a shortage in housing inventory. Artificially low interest rate is making all assets, real estate included raised in price, But let save it for another conversation…

✅ Pretty good month with Airbnb. I think my awesome mid term guest will extend for another month or so. Grateful to have him.

The project at independent height ran into some issue though..lets..save it for another post.

✅ 10 pending deals. believe it or not. Great time to be a real estate agents. Thinking about getting your license? Make sure to check out eXp Realty!

✅ eXp stock #EXPI will split 2 two 1. Can you believe it!? the stock briefly touch $100 today. when I started the stock was single digit and people was like EXPI Who? what a blessing in the sky. Thank you eXp!

✅ Revenue Share #revshare continue to grow. We were able to add 8 new business partner into the group for the past 30 days and consistently passing 4k+ now. Thanks to my leader in the group that is now stepping up and pouring into people. I would say eXp is not really a real estate company. This is a personal development company disguised as a Real Estate company.

✅ It’s such an amazing feeling to see the people you sponsor into the company grow and become better every single day.

✅ Flip is good. We are able to get all the current project pending/ sold. but there is nothing else to buy though. Seem like with the eviction and foreclosure moratorium extended. It will be harder and harder to find deal.

✅ got Covid and get over it – I figured i will just put it in here as a check box. Not sure where i get it from. But We are manage to both get it, and recovered from it so all is good. Can we donate our plasma now to help other people?

Any how. that’s it for January check up. Looking back when I started focusing on Agent Attraction, the wealth chart was like..empty. I was able to double it in a year

The question is…

Can I do it again this year???!

Game on! Let’s go guys!