July 22, 2020

eXp Revshare day as always! I was just about to make this massive bragging post about how I was able to cash out 2000 shares EXPI and use it to down payment for the brand new model X and how the revshare is above to cover the payment and all that!

All the sudden I got a phone call from Brenda, brand new agent that I sponsor last year, she just shared with me that she was able to cap, grab a bunch of expi reward, and go on to a 100% commission for the remainder of the year. I was also able to help Brenda sponsor her 1st agent in the company.

She just thanks me for being an awesome sponsor and that I always there for her no matter what.

That phone call kicked me hard and reminded me the true reason why I was with eXp 1st of all! And that is to impact real estate agent life! To be able to show everyone there is a new way to do business, to develop, to invest, and be able to take better care of your family, and leave a legacy.

I have seen it over and over where real estate agents worked their entire life serving other people. In the end, they got nothing to show for.

Instead of competing with Brenda for leads. I was able to help, develop, and support her business instead.

And Brenda is just one example. There are many, many more! That I can’t just wait to tell you!

Taking another snapshot of my wealth chart after another 22 days grinding at it:

✅ ICON status achieved for 2021

✅ Closed one Flip, Listing One and buying two

✅ EXPI triple and break above $20

✅ Dream car #1 purchased

✅ 9 agents joined revsharegroup in the past 30 days

✅ Being feature on life.exprealty.com

✅ 1st million dollar listing in Towne Lake

Few thing that i’m very proud of

🔥 Help Anthony and Jacqueline was able to move their business to eXp and saved so much on their 1st flip

🔥Mentored Minh and see her transformed from a complete newbie to a seasoned real estate professional with 6 closing in 2 months.

🔥Watched Jhoana and Claudia, Dorian killing it in real estate

🔥Watch and support Khai Tran and CPG Realty Group

🔥Help Giang, Han closed on their 1st deal. Congrats on collecting EXPI guys!

And many – many more stories that i just ran out of limit