June 22nd 2021 (late post)A corner of my work desk.No fancy office, no fancy view, kinda messy as always. But from this desk, I was able to

✅ inspired and guide my group to 105 agents and brokers as of June 22nd.

✅ personally attracted 2 rockstars in the company. Welcome Linh Le and Sheridan Chrisp to the big family!

✅ booked all the conference hotel and ticket to see my big eXp family in Tennessee, Dallas, and Vegas this year! so excited to see America opening back up for business.

✅Help 4 families bought and sold their home. 4 deal closer to ICON

✅ help Thao Nguyen with her 1st lunch and learn. It is going to be epic tomorrow! If you are curious in what she is up to, definitely swing by and hang out with us tomorrow!

✅ Spend some quality time with Brenda Barrientos and supporting her to be the next ICON in the company

✅get Jhoana Olarte😁 back on track and start working with Andrea Gomez on her business!

✅delivered a speaking gig at Women’s Council of Realtors. Thanks Kristen Doster Manz for the invitation.

✅ filed and paid taxes!!Can’t wait for what July ll bring us.


Looking back June was probably one of the best month as far as Revenue Share at eXp. Not because of me but because of everyone else in the group.

Perhaps one of the biggest reward a sponsor or a mentor at eXp can get is seeing other that trusted you, follow you is having more success than you. This model has literary erase the competition between us and replaced it with collaboration.

Where else you could have a group of realtors, especially in the same market, colaborate and stop seeing other as competition? Only at eXp Realty. Only at my group!!

I will continue to learn and improve myself, not because of me, but because of others.


June Photos

Group Total count surpassed 100+ Agent

Eating out and celebrating the success with our leader Khai Tran and Hien Le

eXp lunch and learn launched in Houston. last Friday of every month. Who is in!
My Favorite Pictures of the month. Our awesome lender stop by, feed us lunch and spoke highly of eXp Realty and our group from her heart!