I’m very thankful this year to be able to partner with so many amazing real estate agents and professionals. What a journey from the day I resigned from my job until today.

Perhaps it’s not the commission, the revenue share, or the stock, that makes me most proud of. But it is the people I met along the way. Some have just recently joined us, Some stick with me since the very beginning. Some joined for the support, and the training.

Others simply feel that they belong here. 💚💙I have no doubt that most of us will hit our cap, others will become ICONs

A few of us will double down, leverage the platform, and do whatever it takes to become millionaires in this big family. 👑 Are you one of them?

Thank guys and gals for allowing me an opportunity to lead and support your business. I am thankful for what I have but always hungry for more. Let’s help more buyers with their dream, more sellers with their goals, and more agents with their business.

And yes, Revshare just broke another record for 4k+ a month. whoo wooo. The model is working