Just realized that today is Oct 22 and I am getting ready to go see my good friend in California in a little bit. The last time I saw him was 10 month ago.

I cant help but realized that what is a crazy ride of 2020 is. I love these check mark. Every time i go see a friend that you haven’t seen, it is like a little check mark for you to see how much you actually accomplished when we are not seeing each other. They will for sure ask you, what you are up to and you will ask them, what you are up to..

So let see what I am up to for the last 10 months

❌ Lost 10 lbs and gain 5 lbs back. Definitely not where I want to be yet

✅ Hit ICON for 2020. A major accomplishment

✅ Grow my revenue share group to 42 active agents. Revshare is making new high this month of October

✅ Completed Wabi Sabi. very good traffic at feed back at the moment

✅ Continue to support Jenny in the flipping business.

✅ made a decision to invest passively in two multifamily deals

❌completed lost out on the oil project it seems like. they are desperately raising capital for the 3rd wells and since the 1st two wells are so bad. no one wanna chip in anymore and we will loose the whole thing

❌ serious injury on my right elbow and forced to take a break from tennis for a while.

✅ Won the motion for judgement for the suit

✅ Tesla owner! 🔌

✅ Purchased another short term rental play in Houston

✅ Being feature in life.exprealty.com

Ha! so not quite a great year for health. but financially wise it is okay I think. any how. just gotta keep pushing forward

In the picture:

Just taking a random day off from work and being silly