Ins this article below, I will try my best to explain the Revshare paying structure in my old word. I just realized it could be difficult for some people to even imagine the possibility and their potential.

This is the 1st draft as this article will probably need revision

If Rent comes in on the 3rd, then mark yourself another day when you hang your license with eXp Realty. Because the Revenue Share will get deposited into your account on the 22nd of the month!

What is Revshare?

In short, it’s money!

Think of it like you own a piece of the brokerage instead of your hang your license there. Every time your company made money, of course, they have to share it with its owners, the agent. That is exactly what this is about.

At eXp, the real estate agent is empowered with another opportunity to earn income other than just commission. They can locate potential agents that could be a good fit for this company. If that agent decided to join the company then the person who brings him or her in will get a revenue share from the company

Where is that rev share come from? 

eXp as the time of writing this article is on 80/20 split commissions. the Revenue share is coming from the 20% that the agent brought on to the company.

More to come on this article…now I have go to make some call for buyer and seller!

Last updated Oct 22


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