Recent Wimbledon Championship slogan inspired to get back on my feet and start to get back on my dream again. Their slogan is

“In Pursuit of Greatness”

At one point in life, have you ever had a person telling you something to the extend of: ” Oh, money is not important you know”, or ” I rather be happy than be rich”, or “Money is the root of all evil”, or ” There is a lot of other stuff than money you know”

I don’t know anything the people who told you the above statement. Those are all valid statement by the way so there is nothing wrong saying that. But i know one thing from the people that said those

They are BROKE.

How do you know that i want to be happy? May be I don’t want to be happy.

I want to be great. I want to become the best of what i do, and that’s make me happy. I am not only in pursuit of happiness

I am in pursuit of Greatness

You should, too

Be Good, be great, and have a wonderful week ahead

From a random guy attempted to motivate people