Catching up with my current 22nd check point now.

What i do well:

Helping agents on my 1st tier and 2nd tier with agent attraction. I couldn’t be where I am today with out the helps of other so I am just paying it forward and help whoever I could. The group grows to 52 people at the time of this post now. This is almost double What I had beginning of the year. Not bad not bad

This is the only model where agent actually get pay for helping other people become more successful than him or herself.

Seeing one of the agent in my group going from Brand new to ICON in 2 years! Did you know that only 2.5% agent out of 35,000 agent are ICON? this award is no joke. I have a chance to participate in her success and was really in appreciate of that.

Closed out two escrow and purchase our next Airbnb location.

Participate passively in two multi family deal. Although, I love working in real estate. I also love mail box money. One of the way to achieve true mail box money is to participate passively in real estate syndication deal with good sponsor. Finger crossed on these two deal.

Helping Jenny with the flip. Think are picking up fast in our flipping business again. Looking to close out the year strong.

Revshare is doing exceptionally well. So grateful to be partner with everyone in our Revshare group. Never a day i went to sleep without thinking about what I can do to better help everyone and their business.

Airbnb is doing pretty well in September

And as always, grateful for the rent and looking forward to provide tenant with a safe and clean place to live.

What I did not do well

Kindaly slack off in my own agent attraction. You just can’t stop and focus on your group only. You gotta do both and keep on expanding. common. you can do This!

Still sleeping in

Still Playing video game late at night..

Could have done a better job in following up with past clients and prospecting for new business

I felt like i am felling into the mistake of sitting on my throne too long again. Well good thing is that i am aware of this. gotta step out of it, forget about the victory, forget about what you did and focus on the present.