Yesterday I had an opportunity to share one of the book that i love: The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind . For the past few years, I thought i am the only weirdo that read this kind of book and do this awkward declaration every morning and night. But yesterday proved that i was wrong. I have a very good crowd that really get what i am trying to communicate. And the best thing ever, we did affirmation together. For me that is uber powerful.

Getting wealthy  no longer a myth. It is becoming real.

Below are the 3 points that i love the most from the book:

  • The rich choose both happy and wealthy. the poor and the middle class was sold the idea that “I rather be happy than wealthy” and pick either or. Remember the rich choose both while everybody else choose one and not the other. No body forced you to pick one. u can pick BOTH!
  • Financial Blue print. It doesn’t matter how much money u make. if your blue print is set to “poor” mode. you will never be rich. One example is lottery winner. they will eventually came back to where they started simply because they don’t have the right blue print. Change your blue print, change your life\
  • Affirmation: I know it’s not cool and probably the people in the house will be like “WTF” when you are yelling out your affirmation in the bathroom every morning. but hey, look at Novak, look at all the rich and successful people in the world. What are they doing every morning? If they do affirmation. may be you should too. Remember your subconscious mind is 10 times more power than your conscious mind and you have to learn how to direct it. Affirmation is one effective way of doing it

Be good, be great, be extraordinary and live the life that you are capable of living..

( The picture is just a random picture from my 1st track day. Remind myself need to get back to it)