How many times you ask a person why he or she went to college and studied what he or she decided to study and get the answer below:

“It’s a right thing to do”

“My parents forced me to go”

“I want to make my parents happy”

“I want my family to be proud of me”

“I want to make money”

“I want to be rich”

“Because all of my friends are going to college”


If your answer is one of the above or similar. I’m sorry to break it to you. But you have been victimized, And probably will have a hard time when you get out of college. You are doing all the workout while some ass at Wall Street is getting all the six pack

The only reason you should go to college and study a profession is because you LOVE that profession and that profession defined you. 

Oh and btw, getting rich doesn’t have anything to do with college. Our school system is designed to move people from the poor class to the middle class, and middle class to the upper middle class. If your only reason to go to college is because you want to make more money. I am sorry to break it to you again, but you will probably be even more broke with all the student loan debt when you get out. It programed your mind to earn active income, not passive income.

I believe that not everyone should go to college, and college should revamp their curriculum and make financial education a mandatory subject before graduation. Our country is in desperate need of a leader who know how to make good trade and make money, not stupid trade and spend money.

Be honest to yourself, how much of the stuff that you learn in college that you can actually applied in real life? What if you could go back and spend 4 years of going to college doing something that you actually love? how much different will it make to your life now?

College is absolutely necessary. We need doctors, lawyer, engineers more than ever to move this world forward. However, it’s not for everyone. If your reason for going to college is the same or similar to the list above…then

Please, i am begging you.


And start building and living the life you wanted