It has been a long time since I get in line to buy anything during Black Friday! But anyhow i been keep an eye on the Play Station 5. They have 24 at at a location near my home and I was number 17! Well that the short version of the story anyway.

We originally went to a different game stop location. But luckily we are informed just by the kid on the line that they gave out the last ticket for the PS5 already. The kid could just have ignored me like most people did. But he wanted to help even though we don’t know each other. All of us wanted to help each other.

By sheer luck, we went to a different Game Stop location and just got in the line when they start hanging out the ticket. In front of me was a Mom that came here for a thing that call “Play Station 5” because it is on her son wishlist for xmas. Chatting with her for a bit, I discovered that the $800 she is going to spend is a big deal for her. But she is willing to do that because it would mean the world to her kid. Kudos to all the Mum out there doing what ever it take to their son and daughter.

Then here come the Game Stop Manager starting to hang out tickets, I have never seen anyone that is much passionate about his job as this guy. I always want to work with people that love what they are doing, and this is just a good example. He really took the time to explain to the mum in front of me what is the different between the PS5, The Xbox Series X, and suggest which bundle is a better deal. The Game stop manager purely demonstrate his expertise in the gaming industry and offer the right solution for the client. As long as we have good people that love what they are doing, and really care about their client or customer. We are going to be fine.

I also appreciate the getting in line culture that we have in America. In other part of the world. It could be a different story. Everyone just orderly wait in line and wait for their turn to grab the console!

There are also some unappreciated people that show up with attitude, show up late to the line, and expect the entitlement to get what they want. They leave home empty handed and angry. Recall the people in your life that you know that always show up late, never show up for anything, always have an attitude, and always expecting entitlement. How are they doing? Not so good i bet. Unless they are willing to help themselves nothing we can do to help them.

Don’t feel sorry for them either! The capitalist environment supposes to wipe out the inefficient. But I do feel concern about our country supply chain that purely depend only on several countries, and the way the current administration is solving the issue. This is scary.

My roommate does not play video game but she is here keeping me accompany in the line anyway. I will tell you a hard truth bomb when it come to spouse and business right now: Your spouse must support your business, and what you do. If they don’t then you might have to make a hard choice. It is going to be very hard building a business with an unsupported spouse or partner.

So i opted in for the Xbox Series X instead and was having a buyer remorse until the last min. Luckily, there are two people on the front line for whatever reason can’t buy so i have a chance to swap out. I learned my lesson. I should have done the homework, come prepared, and made up my mind. I got lucky this time but not on the next one. I spent the time to build relationship with the store manager as well in the short period I had. He remembered me when the opportunity came up.

Could I have just go online and pay more than $1,000 for this console. For sure I can! But If you watch the Squid game (Spoiler Alert!) , You will feel the meaning, the joy of the participation in the game. I won this PS5! Happiness is in the progress! Stay in the moment! Stay in the game, or step out to the side line. Your call

As long as the current administration does not turn this country into the Republic of America, we are going to be fine. This is still the land of opportunity. People built their empire here empty handed. The Entrepreneurs, the Innovators, the Small Businesses Owners of this country will trump all.

Happy Thanksgiving! Now off to the new PS5!!!

My Trophy PS5!!!!