I don’t even know how to start introducing my good friend and mentor, Juan Hernandez into the show.

We came across each other path from an investor networking event in Houston Texas. Unlike most people at the event that tend to talk about themselves and what they do and partying their soul out. I spot Juan casually having a serious conversation with everyone around him. The intention is not to let people know what he does, but rather to focus about the person he is speaking with and learn more about them and their business. We ran into each other just like that and become friend since then.

Juan has a very unique niche that are outside of most people mind. Rooming houses! For years, Juan and his company has been provide hundreds of housing solution for low income people, keeping them out of the street, and helping city of Houston solve the problem homelessness.

Juan’s two step to be a successful investor:

Step 1. Pray to God. Step 2. Read the Financial Statement

Enjoy the show!

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