The whole trip to Vietnam has been a blast. I thought that my business will suffer as always while I’m away on a long trip like this. Surprisingly, Things are still going on as normal with or without me. Thanks to my awesome friends and loyal clients! Here are some number:

Revenue Share

#revshare hit the highest level this month while I’m away. There is no other company that offers to compensate agents like this. If you still doubt about eXp Realty. make sure to check them out.

While Revshare is great and all. I think the ability to support and see growth in the people that trusted you and follow you into real estate is simply amazing. you can’t beat this feeling when you see the people that trusted you, followed you also success in real estate.

Single-Family Rental

#SFR Single-Family Rental is old school but it’s still worth mentioning. a boring rental is a sexy rental. Thanks to my awesome managers. thing is running smoothly at home without any issue. Management is key. picked a good property manager and see your business grow.


#capped while I’m away Vietnam! This is a pretty big deal to me personally since the year is just getting started! What it means is that I am now on a 100% commission split until the cap reset date of November 1st.

I ended up working 2-3 hours per day in Vietnam at midnight or early morning to close out some difficult escrow but the 100% commission it was so worth it. We also got a buyer under contract and a couple listing go live as well while I’m away. All is good on the production side. Just gotta keep those listing coming!


Loving #EXPI! of course, capping at eXp Realty came with some loaded EXPI  stock on your account. Although they lowered it down to 10% discount only I was able to load up a bunch using the company 10% discount program.

One of the big reasons that people can’t build wealth is that they spent it before they can grow it. this program prevented just that.

Short Term Rental

#Airbnb is also worth mentioning. I am not yet to have a good system and still relying on friends for the make-ready, but I was able to fine-tune the booking so that most of the guests are now on 2+ day stay and cleaning fees are added. I can’t wait to have a dedicated cleaner this year and finishing up with Little Japan house with Jenny when we are back.


Thanks to our uber awesome friend. We ended up closing on a murder home that I thought will take forever to sell. She also got a couple listing live on the market and had it under contract as well. Seem like the market in Houston is picking up early this year for Spring. Time to move these houses!

Vietnam Real Estate

One of the reasons this trip is a blast because I learned so much about Vietnam Real Estate on this trip. Seeing sister hotel in Danang and her next project in Hoi An is eye-opening. I also have a chance to visit some of the clients here in Vung Tau and see how they made their living here, either wholesaling a newbuilt condo here or running a hotel. Money is here, much more than the state and waiting for the person that know what they are doing to claim it!

My childhood friend is now into real estate and also schooled me on how to do a 0$ down deal on his service apartment rental and what NOT to do when collecting rent, especially with sensitive tenant. Very glad to see him doing well.

Oil and Gas

Unfortunately, the oil and gas investment I did is still a bust. no progress on it.

Gain 2kg

Can not end this post not talking about food. It has been amazing – and to my surprise. somehow burger king tastes so much better here, especially the ketchup and fries. I’m happy to gain some weight and will figure out a way to get it back down …later.

Anyhow, I am very surprised that thing is going smoothly either with or without me there. There are a lot of works that need to be done but at least I know that I’m heading into the right direction of owning businesses instead of having all the businesses own you.