This is a another follow up this this post. I recently inspired again after a lunch meeting with an old college friend and I was amaze that he was still in school and fighting his way out of college debt.

The most amazing thing is he is fight his way out of debt by going back to school and study more (may be get more debt). I was impressed

Starting your life from 0 is hard enough. I don’t know why some people like to start with negative in their financial life? Yet our system is designed as a perfect trap to force everyone to start at negative.

I can not imaging it took me a HARD 3 year to build up my passive income close to $1500 a month, while a friend of mine, got screwed by the system and started his life out of college with negative $-1500 in student loan. Now, in order to just get to where I am today, he has to double the effort that i made in 3 years.

He is a classic victim of wall street,  the system that was designed to feed on the people they supposed to served. He is doing all the work out while someone is getting all the six packs. he is the oil and the gear that run this gigantic machine that charging enormous hidden fee and feeding of from hard working people

Have you not seen that the day you turned 18 your mailed box is started getting filled with credit card offer? That is the 1st trap and most people fell for it unfortunately.

Now getting into college they started to offer you LOAN without evening checking your FICO score. Now how on earth is that possible to give a potential a borrower without checking his background? We had the same crisis in the housing market and yet they are doing the same thing with student loan.

Our society somehow think that college is a requirement  to live a good but it’s not.

College and student loan was designed to get you from poor to middle. If you want to go from middle to rich, you have to do something different.

As a kid why they go to college, i bet 80% of them would have no idea or simply reply that it’s a “right” thing to do in order to make money and false into the rat race that they can never get out of.

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