I managed to win my very 1st match in the Ultimate Tennis League 4.0. I wrote about sport and investing already. I want to rewrite it again today, especially after reading the book “Serve to win” By Novak. It is amazing to see that sport champion and wealthy people have the same mindset and live by the same principle. Below are the few principles that raced through my mind during the match today.

Principle #1: be able to adapt quickly and change your game plan accordingly

after being lead 0-2, I quickly reassessed the situation. He is kind of pusher. He never swing and push the ball deep with no pace all the way to the back of the court and i can’t attach the ball. If i kept on playing baseline, i will play his game. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and pushed to the net. I knew this is one of the best way to fight pusher. at the end, i manged to win back straight 6 game and tie the set 6-2

Investing is the same way. the market change and so are you. An educated investor will know how to take advantage of the market whenever is up, down or side way. He will make money regardless of the prime rate at 4% or 15%.

Principle #2: Do not rest on your Laurels 

I violated this principle over and over. After i made a good come back after on the 1 set. I began to let myself go on the 2nd set. My mind was not 100% concentrate, I started rushing, make so many unforced error and sloppy service game. i failed back to my comfort zone, playing defensively and ultimately let my opponent took the 2nd set 3-6

Investing is not much different. the moment you said you made it and started to slow down, you basically give your money and your market away. Wake up! you are not a candle, you can’t burn out! candle burned out but not human! Give the world your very best. when you tire, eat some good food, take a good nap, recharge and then go at it again. Do not ever rest on your Laurels

Principle #3:Over come your mind

After a sloppy set#2. I immediately aware that i was afraid of losing. I was hitting ugly ball and cheap shot just not to lose and that’ didn’t work out. I immediately aware that my mind is holding me back and not anything else. I took a deep breath and said to myself that I have to over come my fear of loosing. I reminded myself that even when FedEx lost, he lost in style. He played with his heart and mind together.

That’s it. I reinstated myself that I am here to play the best tennis that i ever played. I play to win, I don’t play not to lose. I gather myself back and ran my opponent 6-1.

In investment, your mind is the only thing that is holding you back. If you think small, you will be small. If you think big, you will be big. Think negatively and you will attract the wrong type of people and information in your life. Think positively and before you even notice, you are surrounded with successful and wealthy people.

Successful person play to win

Mediocre person play not to lose

How do you play your game? I already made my choice