In the latest episode of ‘The Cash Flow Agent Show,’ we sit down with Nancy Zeng, a successful real estate investor and advisor. Amidst stormy weather disrupting our power, we delve into the complexities and rewards of the real estate industry.

From Accounting to Real Estate

Nancy Zeng shares her background in accounting and her journey into real estate. After leaving her auditing job at the Big Four to pursue a more balanced life, Nancy discovered her passion for real estate seven years ago. Meeting me at an investor association group was a turning point, igniting her successful real estate journey.

The First Flips and Transition to Rentals

Nancy recounts her first flips and how they transitioned into rental properties. Her initial flip didn’t generate much profit, but it sparked her interest and taught her valuable lessons. Despite initial nervousness and challenges, her resolve only strengthened.

The Power of Relationships in Real Estate

Both of us emphasize the importance of building relationships in real estate. Successful real estate investing often relies on connections with like-minded individuals. From wholesaler relationships to networking with other investors, these connections provide support, advice, and opportunities.

Understanding Wholesaling

Nancy explains wholesaling and its role in her real estate journey. Wholesalers are professionals who find distressed properties and sell them to investors. By building strong relationships with wholesalers, investors can access better deals and expand their portfolios.

The Promise of Affordable Housing

Affordable housing, particularly Section 8, is highlighted as a promising avenue for real estate investors. Despite longer initial processes, Section 8 properties offer secure, government-backed rent payments and often higher than market rates. Nancy’s own experience showcases the stability and benefits of investing in this sector.

Sage Advice for New Investors

Nancy offers sage advice for new real estate investors: numbers don’t lie. She stresses the importance of focusing on market statistics and financials over personal preferences. Beginner investors often make the mistake of letting personal tastes cloud their judgment, but success comes from clear-eyed financial analysis.

Balancing Multiple Roles

As a mother of two, a full-time employee, and an active real estate investor, Nancy shares her strategies for managing these demanding roles. Delegation and efficient time management are key. She thoughtfully tracks her time to balance family, work, and real estate commitments.

Resilience in Real Estate Investing

Our discussion is a testament to the resilience and high survival rates in real estate investing. We highlight the importance of passion, perseverance, and surrounding oneself with supportive, knowledgeable people. Through our experiences, we provide invaluable insights for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investment.

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