The decision to be made: To Quit your job and join a fairly new brokerage name eXp

Greed Motivation: To know exactly how much you will be making, Their stock and Revshare plan looks awesome as well, Sponsor looks successful. No other company offer this

Fear Factor: Don’t make enough earned income and end up going back to corporate, looking like a failure, does not have insurance

Logical Sense: Can’t be rich by 35 working a 9 to 5 job with the government taking 1/3 of your paycheck, gotta take some risk.

Why do you want to make this decision: Kinda don’t like the environment the current company provide, too much politic, bored, Always thinking about go on by myself for quite sometimes now

Describe the Surrounding: Wife is very supportive, not a lot of people around me quit yet

Anyone pushing you to make the decision: Kind of, my ex-ex-boss was kind of annoying, I could have stayed longer but I don’t feel like I value anymore at the company. No one really cares if I am working here or not so, time to go

What will you do if everything works out: Get really really rich with a bunch of eXp stock and Revshare plus regular commission

What will you do if shit hit the fan: go back finding another IT job

Have you done your due diligence: yes, too much to be exact, other company such as KW ReMax  etc…is more established with good coaching, mentoring program but it’s like working for a big company and I don’t have a startup feel. working with eXp is feeling like working for a start up. lots of potentials. their compensation plan just looks far better compared to other company with stock and Revshare.

I don’t want to quit a job then go find another job. At least with eXp, you have an option to build equity in the company via EXPI similar to buying a house, then Revshare is like having a rental house with the passive income stream, but without paying for it.

The other company has too much “Retail agent” What I mean is the agent that has no mindset of an investor. I just quit a cult. I don’t want to join another cult again. I want to hang out with some winner and some rich people. EXP and their agents standout again.

How do you feel: Have some hate, fix with a lot of fear and anxiety, I could have left a friendlier way, but I couldn’t stand all the fake around the office.

What is some reason to say NO to this deal: Health Insurance is a big problem, income is unpredictable, Real Estate Market move up and down.

Describe some way to mitigate this risk: Have Liberty Healthshare plan as an alternative to health insurance, stable income could come from the rental house, worst case, I can drive Uber to pay the bill.

Could this be a life-changing decision: YES

Why are you not rich yet then? Revshare is harder to build than expected. Leads generations kill is still at a baby level

Were you rushing to make the decision: YES, Just couldn’t stand my job at any moment back then. I could have taken it easy and just chill but I decided not too

Is the featured Image related to the content of the blog? YES

Describe: It is a new way for the Real estate agent to do Business. forget about the old model. This is where agent and broker partner up to build wealth

Looking back: Do you think you make the right decision? Absolutely