Watching the presidential debate, I can not help but write this article to express a point that lot of people might have missed:

As the country is approaching the presidential debate. Our attention has been shifted to the country matters such as the Country Economy, Cyber Security, Commercial Trade and Deal, Racism, etc. While all of these are absolutely  great, i want to point out a couple of things about…YOU!

What about YOU? Where do you put your Attention? What is your next Action? What is your war plan? Who has your Money? And most importantly, What is your current Economic Situation, and what do you personally stand and fight for?

Your Attention: If you are broke, your attention should not be about the Iran trade deal (or should I say you are broke because you pay too much on the Iran Trade deal? ) Most people put their attention on the wrong thing. Your attention should be on the MONEY and the thing that around you and matter the most to you. Like Grant Cardone said: “Money is like a jealous lover“. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will leave you and go find somebody else. T Harv also stated ” Your Money will go to where your attention is” If you keep focusing your attention on the thing that not really relevant to you such as the Iran Trade deal – my guess is that all the money either went to Iran or to the IRS – not to your bank.

It is unbelievable to see that  47% of American could not pay an unexpected $400 emergency room bill and 62% of all Americans have less than $1000 in saving. It is time to wake up and focus on the right thing fellas. Stop wasting your energy on shit that do not matter to you.

Your Plan of Action: hate him or hate her, you have to agree with both of them on this: They both have plan of action and a team of advisers surrounded them. Rich and Successful people have plan of action and they follow it with consistent and persistent. they adjust it along the way, and go at it again non stop. Rich and Successful people surround themselves with people who are smarter and more successful than them. They stand for what they believe it, and they fight for it, defend for it all the way.

What about your plan of action? did you have something that you are willing to fight for and defend for it all the way. Did you have something that you are willing to wake up a bit early, stay a bit late and will to give all the weekend for it? If not, it might be a good time to start thinking about.

Successful people have plan of action. they dream about it, they visualize it, they execute it. May be you should stop thinking about what He will do or She will say and focus on YOUR plan of ACTION instead.

(just on a side note: I use what i called a round table test. If you put all the people you know in a big room, around a big table, and you are the smartest, richest guy or gal –Then you have a SERIOUS problem. Time to go find some new people to put in that table)

Your Economy: American economy is deficit – no doubt about that. But what about YOUR ECONOMY? Is it a surplus or is it deficit. come back to point one about Attention. If you are deficit (and desperate) and have to rely on plastic (credit card), may be it is a good time to worry about YOUR OWN ECONOMY. If you think that the next president will save you and your financial problem. Think again! Stop blaming the “economy” and focus on your own economy instead. Neither Trump or Hillary is responsible for increasing your paycheck. You and yourself only are responsible for that.

The fact that blew me away is that 51% of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year. This is what happen when we keep blaming the “economy” and pay attention to the wrong stuff. STOP worry about the American Economy and start focus on YOUR “ECONOMY”.  If every single american citizen learns how to have a trade surplus instead of deficit. Do you think it will help our Economy?

Your war plan: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about” – unknown. Instead of worrying about Trump pressing that nuclear button or Hilary making another stupid trade. Why shouldn’t you preparing for it instead of ….bitching about it?

Every successful investor and entrepreneur always prepares for the worst and hope for the best. “If you limit your downside, and  the upside will take care of itself” – “George Antone.

Simon Black on the “Sovereign Man” explained in detail about the five flag system where he took diversification to the core and spread it out from having different Passport and Citizenship, Legal Residence, Business Base, Assets haven, and Playgrounds. This is a great way to truly diversify and protect yourself against such  large-scale crisis

Let try to put it simpler this way. While other people are complaining and making comments about war and foreign policy. The Rich spent the time to buy physical gold, build bunker,  locate safe houses, and write up succession plan around the world to protect themselves and their family and their friend against any major event on earth.

Now – What bit of benefit that you can find by sitting on the couch, eating fries and making comments about war and national policy?

Rich people discuss ideas, Poor people discuss about other people It’s time to get off from the couch after the watching the debate and start to mind your own business and protect your friend and family

One thing I want to end this article by coming back to the your Attention. Did anyone pay attention to the good thing about this debate or is it just me focusing my attention on the good thing? I am grateful to live in a country where voter rate are so close in the 49% – 50% range. not 99% and 1% like the other countries. Both candidates are excellent public speaker and there are plenty of good things to learn from both of them. I will quote T Harv again  when he said “Rich people focus on the POTENTIAL, Poor people focus on the PROBLEM

Shift your attention to the right thing, Go out there and start to take matter in your own control

Don’t be Good – Be Great!