Super excited to get our 3rd tiny house up and and running on airbnb. I can’t believe we bought it since 2021 and did NOTHING with it. Not sure why but it is what it is. Procrastination is a real thing.

I think part of it was the location selection. It’s pretty tricky to find a good location for the tiny house sine Houston are filled with these nonsense HOA. We finally found a location with no HOA and no deed restriction for the home. we decided to call her The Fifth Wheel.

Tiny House on wheel

The rehab process for the home are quite straight forward. 1st Just like anything else we upgrade the electrical panel of the main house to make sure it support 300 Amps and able to support the home. then we connect the water ad sewer of the main house to the tiny house and make sure thing are flowing correctly

We got lucky on the tiny house. The guy we bought it from (yes we bought it on facebook market place) took great care of the home. he also designed it so well so we didn’t have to reconfigure much for any of the electrical and plumbing

Time Lapse of jenny reconfigure the bed to make it more study

It has a standard electrical connection of an RV we can just plug straight into any outlet. The plumbing are also well design hot water and gas got heated through the regular natural gas tank that we can just refill at any store. We are not sure how long it will last though.. we will find out soon.

In the middle of the rehab we decided to add a stock tank pool for added amenities for the guest. this ended up cost us a lot of time since stock tank pool are pretty much DYI and we never did it before. it is pretty much leak like 10 times before we can get it right..

DYI stock tank pool

Other than that, we pretty much just decked front of the home and put surrounded tiles around the showers.

Shopping for stuff inside the home took longer than expected because the home was too small. Jenny have to carefully select the kitchen appliances and other amenities inside the home to make sure they 1. save space and 2. has multiple function use. I really like the toaster that can turned into a mini oven by just flipping it around.

And just like that. She is up on airbnb. paying the mortgage for the front of the home. My father in law is actually staying at the front of the home so hopefully the income we get from this home will be enough to cover the mortgage and utilities for him. <– Click the link for full listing description and picture

I am a little skeptical about the pull out bed since it is too close to the floor. but it would cost too much to reconfigure everything so let just leave it like that for now. I actually had great sleep when we test it out for a night. We will see if people really okay with it or not after the review rolled in.

What do you think? Would you like to have a tiny house like this just rolled into your back yard one day? I remember we are so happy we we actually found it on facebook market place, and just drop everything to go see it and tow it home.

happy airbnbing!