Alrite I’m taking a break from Rev Share to write about our newest Airbnb project. This is another exciting part of our businesses right now. We fall in love with airbnb couple years ago. I still remember starting out with hosting just my room for 30 bucks a night and then eventually graduated into tiny houses, and now it has become a major part of our business!

I love hosting people coming from all over the world. I believe travel is an essential part of human nature and i am humble to be providing it around the Houston area. This will mark our 4th door with Airbnb and can’t wait to work on the 5th one.

We acquire this property simply on the MLS with an equity partners. One have the fund and the other have skill so the married was good! I learned my lessons so all the boxes seem to be checked off pretty well with this home.

Jenny does what she does best. Pretty up everything she touches!! Below are the final pictures

Let see how’s the number will work out with this deal and I will do another follow up post. but from a rough calculation, our all in was is around 250k. and weekend lease is around $250 per day. We only need 4 weekend day of the month to cover the mortgage so thing are looking good on paper..Let see how this goes. I learn not to celebrate early

If you are new to Airbnb. make sure to take a look and see if this is something for you. Jenny and I love hosting people so this is something for us