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Oh man! I felt good going back to writing without using any AI , and specially with the topic that I need to write about.

To be truthful, the past couple of month has been stressful as I am trying to work with an SEO company trying to tell me to write what people like to read about. The whole experience ended up being awful, and it just completely killed my desire for writing. I think first and foremost this blog is actually my personal journal that i could document my journey to financial freedom. Therefore I need to like to write what i like first. I could careless about what other people like to read about.

Speaking on that topic, I do want to write down some quick note about the book that I am currently reading The Gap and The Gain. This is probably one of the most profound mindset book that i stepped on. Big thanks to The Real Estate Radio Guys for recommending the book. The book inspires me to start writing again and give you a different perspective about “success” and how to measure it. I didn’t necessary agree with everything the book discussed but lot of principle in the book for me was profound.

We live in a society that people measure success by how many like and view that we have on social media. How the content go viral and if one can’t please the audience or don’t get enough view, then one often see themself as failure. Then he or she goes even deeper into the rabbit whole of creating content that has more view and please more people.


FUCK the View

FUCK the algorithm

Not say that they are not important but you shouldn’t let other people view and the algorithm dictate your direction in life

What is the message that you stand for, that you are trying to draw the line and get out to the world? What will make you proud and sleep at night. I think that is most important than making cat video and draw people attending – not that i am against cat or anything.

It’s time that people need to stop worrying about what other people is doing. focus on yourself and have your own value and your own measure of success

For example, get off this blog and stop worrying about what i am doing next. focus on yourself!

most people leave in the GAP, the GAIN is where all the growth happens

Glad to the back, no more AI, SEO bs writing.

In the picture: departing gift from the Real Estate Radio Guys Goal Retreat event. Stop worrying about other people and Let’s make Today Count!