Couldn’t sleep from jet lagging so perhaps I will blog about one of our high lighted projects of the month here. It will be more detailed than my FB post.

We bought this home from a good relationship with a wholesaler. Long story short, the wholesaler is a good friend with us and he went through hell to get this deal. I don’t know the detail but the moment I heard him mention going to prison to meet with the seller and multiple signatures to get title clear. I know that It was tough as hell and he is well deserved on the big assignment fee that he got.

This home comes with big disclosures about a famous murder that happened inside the home that will require us to disclose during the sale as well. With the big spread that the wholesale giving us, we can confident that we can do this project and went ahead and close the deal.

Here are some before pictures


Pretty much a cookie-cutter home that requires just cosmetic update, which we are good at. we like cookie-cutter home is that we can turn them real fast with less surprised. A typical rehab usually run around 3 to 4 weeks.

The Remodel went pretty smoothly. It was a sketchy area with people wandering around the street, which stressed me out about vandalism. But we had no problem at all. I guess whatever spirit that was left in this home protects the home scare all the bad people away??

That’s pretty much it. We fix it upright, clean up the home real nice, stage the home as always and got professional pictures in. We decided to list it under the market price a bit and it turned out to the right choice. The house has overwhelming showing requests but there is one problem! Most people scared away after reading the seller disclosure but there was one family that didn’t care. They love the finished and want to move in. and that’s all we need to close the home.


We had great fun flipping home and transferring Houston neighborhood. If you have a deal that needs to move. definitely let us know. One of the things we are good at with our sourcing partners is that we close fast with our own funding, and no drama. We will save the drama for HGTV. We are here to create a win-win for everybody.

See ya on the next flip