the Tennis match yesterday reminded the importance of mental. In order word, your ability to handle and perform the task under pressure. Although i eked out a win. I did not satisfy with myself and my performance last night. I could have been way better, and it will be better from now on.

The reason i wear a freaking heavy tag heuer on my wrist everyday is to remind myself #DontCrackunderpressure. This concept is simple but yet so important in any sport, or in the game of wealth. Grant Cardone once said “the only way to interview a person is to put one under pressure and see how one perform. This statement could not be any better. Under normal circumstance. Everybody is happy, everybody is doing what they supposed to do. However, when the pressure is on, are you sure that you can carry out the same task the same what you did before? Can you hold your breath through the most challenging time and hit the ball like you used to hit?

My friends, practice your mental health, have a fabulous day, give today your best shot , be great and most importantly: Don’t Crack Under Pressure