I don’t know about your business but in real estate, boring is really sexy! I really don’t have most to post on this project. It is just a typical rehab and sells that we do for a living.

I guess I just want to remind everybody is that you don’t have to get fancy to be successful in this business. The most boring rehab that no one talks about usually made the most money.

One successful realtor and real estate investor once told me, the Master is the person who mastered the mundane and does it consistently, day in and day outs.

I guess the only highlight about this flip is the smell in the bathroom. I don’t know how can someone literally sh*t all the way up to the ceiling. It is so disgusting but…an easy fix

I know if am speaking in Vietnamese in the clip below, But if you can want to jump to 3:35 and ….see that toilet


Now for the after rehab pics


Very thankful to be in business with some of the sharpest minds in real estate to move this boring project in and out in a heartbeat

Until next flip..

Stay safe everyone!


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