I bought this name tag when I was broke during my years of college. I got people laughed at me so hard for this.


I looked at this every morning before the day start and tell myself that one day it will become true. I’m now leading a company that owned 19 cash flowing properties in Houston Texas and I’m currently looking for half a millions to a million dollars purchase for the next project with my investors.

There is a saying that is “fake it till you make it”. I actually have a fancy name for it. It is called the power of affirmation. It programed your subconscious mind and direct your thought and body toward your goal, whenever you aware of it or not.

In addition in looking at this name tag, I will also write myself a fake 100 million dollars check deposited to me and my bank account every morning until one day I will write myself a real check.

One of the world greatest tennis player is Novak Djokovic. He went to sleep with this racquet and made a champion cup out of paper. He would hold the paper cup in front of him every single morning until he finally touch his hand on the real cup.

This is what I am doing

This is what all the greatest people on planet earth are doing to reach their goal.

What will you do to reach your goal?