Recently going out for lunch with one of my newly met friend and i just realize the power of being…Broke. Although the guy is rich. He acted like he is broke and this struck me in the head. Like Grant Cardone said, you are not rich until you have 1 million dollars sitting in the bank, free and clear. Grant Cardone was still driving a Camry when he has 1 million dollar in the bank. He didn’t go fancy until he multiply that One.

Here is the benefit of being broke:

  • You don’t have to worry about protecting your asset because you aint’ have any
  • You are motivated to go make more money other wise you gonna eat dirt instead of rice for dinner
  • You will be forced have a sense of urgency. Most people don’t have this. they do something they feel comfortable with for years and stop growing. By lighting up your own ass. You are tend to do and accomplished a lot more
  • You are not afraid of trying new thing since you don’t have anything to lose anyway
  • You tend to be more humble and not look down on people. lot of young entrepreneur make a little money and start to look down on people.
  • You tend to hustle more since you don’t have anything to fall back on.
  • You look and take most or all the opportunity presented.
  • You will be open to taking advice from people richer than you.

If you watch professional tennis, you can see it too. When the underdog  start losing and they doesn’t have anything to lose they start to play very aggressively and beat the hell out of all the top players. This is why from time to time you see the no name made it deep into Grand Slam

If you are broke. Don’t complain.

Use IT

Stay hungry and go after what you want.