I thought about time management today for some reasons and I would like to share a few tips below that I personally use to help me get into ICON this year. Bill Gates, Oprah, you or me have one thing in common. Everybody got 24 hrs a day. What you decide to do with your time with determining your outcome.

 1. Reduce your Low Leverage Activity and increase your High Leverage Activity.

There is a difference between a busy day and an effective day. I admit,  I still found myself guilty of it as I am still cleaning my own #Airbnb, which is a very low leverage activity. I could definitely find that 30 mins of the day making calls or texting people to get new business instead.

Your homework is to identify your everyday action and habit that doesn’t make you any money or joy, and replace it with something more productive. Clean your own Airbnb, or doing contract paperwork is one of them. Bite the bullet, hire it out, or automate it and you will see how much time you free yourself up (talking to myself here)

2. Learn to communicate effectively 

We all have clients or friends who like to spend 20 mins on the phone to explain something that could be done in 2 mins phone call or by sending a text message. Pay attention to your time on the phone, and reduce any unnecessary conversation and you will see how many hours you actually get back in a day. Multiply it by the week it will amaze you how much time you could get back with your life.

Same with written communication. Before I sent an email or publish this blog post. I actually went back to reread and see what sentences or words I can delete and still able to deliver the same message, just in a more concise way.

No one wants to read a long email these days. the human attention spans have been shortened down to only 5 seconds thanks to…. technology. If you are still reading this far. you are better than 80% other humans on earth as far as focusing and attention

Socializing and building rapport is good, but there is a fine line to it. Some of us are just busy building rapport and forgot to close the deal.

My 2 cents on this is don’t force rapport. People pay us to solve a problem. Solve it 1st instead of focusing on becoming someone’s friends. During the process of solving the problem, the rapport, or the socializing aspect of it will happen naturally.

3. Respect your time.

If you don’t respect your time, nobody will. Unless a bomb is about to go off, I am not going to pick up any phone call outside of my 1st circles after 7:00 PM. Some agents are proud of themself or working until midnight, or always available 24/7 for their clients, which is awesome. But let’s take another school of thought on this subject: You have been given from 7:00AM to 7:00PM to take care of business. If you can’t get your sh*t done in 12 hours. That means you are not going to get anything done.

Set a boundary, and put that phone on airplane mode at a certain time of the day when you need to focus on health, or family, our yourself. Don’t let your kids said you are married to your phone.

4. Always leave time for Opportunity

This is the last tip I want to leave you with today. In other words, don’t be too busy to get rich. When opportunity knocks, make sure to have time to open the door and check it out.

I always leave blank space on my calendar to look into new ideas, an unplanned lunch or meet up, or learning a new skill. You never know what will come up


What is your time management tips? Please comment below. I would love to hear it!

In the pictures: Just found out a cool ice cream place in town by that H-Mart on I-10

Another time management tip: Always make time to hang out with important persons in your life. I think your wife/husband is one of them.