I personally love travel for this simply one reason.Every single time i came back from my trip, i appreciate what i currently have and what’s around me a lot more, and continue to strive for more. I would like to discuss the two most basic type of freedom. Financial free, and location free. Like T Harv said. The poor typically pick one, the rich choose both. I want both. I want to have both: Financial Free and Location Free. What’s wrong with that?

No Thing!

Financial free is the ability to purchase anything you want/need without looking at the price tag. Unless you are the united government who can unlimitedly print money, This will take a lot of time to accumulate enough wealth and support your lifestyle. You can be focus solely financial free by working very hard, getting a high paying job, etc

Location free is the ability to travel/live anywhere you want. Visit anybody and place on planet earth. of course one way to do this is to have come up with an unlimited supply of money that can support this lifestyle. I have seen so many people accomplished this goal by becoming a Digital Nomad, or simply travel on the budget.

The combination of the these two freedom is anybody dream. To have an unlimited money supply to afford anything you want and the option to just book a ticket last minute and land anywhere on planet earth. You need to study these 3 words that are not taught in school. You need acquire Income Producing Assets (IPA).

Income Producing Assets will yield passive income. and passive income on a massive scale will allow you to have both: Financial Free and Location Free.

Why settle for less while you can have both. “Which one of your body part is more important? your arm or your leg? Could it be true that both the arm and the leg are important?” said T Harv.

For some reason the middle class and the poor have this mentality of pick and choose or u can have one but not both. I am very ANGRY when i heard some one said to their kids ” You can have one but you can’t have both” You are just killing your child mental mind set. why the **** on earth you embedded this toxic thinking into their brain when they are still  kids and wonder why they are broke then they grow up? It will take them forever to dig up that toxic root that you planted in their head and throw it out. Or even worst, they will never root it out and live with it forever, then pass this toxic thinking down to your grand kids

Be free, be great, choose both, choose all, work hard, work smart, travel more, buy more IPA, and impressive yourself, not other, with the result you achieved in life