I wasn’t too happy with the 1st set of picture of the Wabi Sabi so i decided to took it again and pretty pleasant with the result so far. I has been over a year since we are running the units and was able to host all the wonderful human being on earth to come come and visit! Perhaps is the hand written note that they left at the home that made us happy more than anything!

Booking rate are 84.4% across all of our tiny houses in Houston in the last 365 days with an average 3 days for the length of stay and an average nightly rate of $62. These are some accurate statistic for those who want to dabble into Short Term Rental, and especially the unique space niche.

The biggest challenge that we have is probably that giant bath tub. Jenny and I are unaware of how long it will fill up the bath tub, what is the water bill be like if the guest take the bath every day. The technicality behind running continuously hot water to supply for that giant hotspot. It is a nice feature, but oh boy does it give us more overhead cost and headache. We are okay with it at the moment since we installed a additional tankless water heater but lesson learned, and lot of improvement to be made.

This home really stand for the philosophy that Jenny and I have right now as far as real estate, and everything in life, really:

Bigger home does not necessary means better home. It’s the culture, the quality, the stories, the memories, The functionality to its owners and guests. That’s what will make a house a home, not it size.

PS: I chuckle after writing the last sentence and look at our giant bath tub again. I think what happen is that we decided to made this tiny home right after our Korea / Japan Trip. Oh boy, you are lucky to find a decent size bathroom in your stay when traveling to Japan or Korea. We booked a traditional airbnb Korean room, then ended up also book a fancy American chain hotel next to it just to come over and take shower… We realize how important it is to have a great bath when you go travel so..here it is.


In the pictures: me pretending to make the bed. Thanks to our awesome cleaning team, all our guests have a pristine place to stay everything time they book with us