Before I started I want to dedicated this post to the lawsuit on our 1st tiny home. With out this motivation, We would never push hard enough to complete the Hidden Attic, And the now completed Wabi Sabi.

May the force be with us on the lawsuit still as it is still going, but I do want to bring the lawsuit out to the light to make it a living example of making lemonade from lemon. Don’t let fear control you. Instead use it for your advantage and push further in your career and investment. without the lawsuit, wabi sabi will simply not exist, At least not this fast.

We thought this one will be quick and easy. However, We started the construction in the middle of 2019 and just was able to finished it in the mid of 2020. Custom home does take a lot of work.

As much as i would love to upload. We decided not to share the outside picture on the internet. If you are interested in what is it look like outside. please feel free to reach out to us!

All the construction below is credited to Jenny. She is the GC and the Architect on this project.

Why wabi sabi? Well, one of our favorite destination is Japan so we just want to bring back what we saw over there and reconstruct it into something over here so that us and our guest can enjoy without traveling too far!

After the structure is up, we workin on the plumbing, electrical, insulation and the sheet rock. Not much to show here but it was a lot of thinking that went to the design, see where thing here and there. We have our crew already at this point from the flipping business so getting to come here and work on this small house wasn’t too hard.

After that we jumped into the bathroom. Jenny and I love the Onsen experience in Japan so we wanted something similar to our guest. so we created this giant tub so that you can soak in

From that the project pretty much just sit there. we have Covid hit in the early of 2020 Which Jenny and I feel there is no need to throw money into Short term rental, which we are wrong. we squat on the project for a long long time and then decided what the heck. why not just get it done.

We put the kitchen cabinet in, floor in and completed the tatami platform. That is pretty much making the unit livable.

And here is the finish product!

Right now we snooze our listing on Airbnb since we have a mid term guest there. But the moment it is available, we will post the link here.

So far we home has gotten a lot of positive review on guest! We just love hosting people coming from all over the world to Houston!

Can’t wait to started on the next project