what countries is eXp-Realty in

Exp Realty is a real estate brokerage with a presence in 17 countries. Through its parent company, Exp World Holdings Inc., the company provides real estate services to customers worldwide. With its cutting-edge technology and expansive reach, Exp Realty is well-positioned to help customers buy or sell property anywhere in the world.

With over 68,000 agents in more than 3,000 offices, Exp Realty has the global reach and local knowledge to help customers with their real estate needs. You might be wondering what countries is exp realty in 2022. Here’s a list of the 17 countries eXp Realty is currently in:

The 18 Countries eXp Realty Is In (And Counting)

eXp Realty In United States

In 2009, Glenn Sanford founded eXp Realty in the United States- the first country to have eXp. He aimed to provide agents with more resources by developing a sustainable, cloud-based broker company. The company has since grown to become one of the largest brokerages in the country, with over 20,000 agents.

At eXp U.S., they provide real estate agents with 24/7 support, a cloud-based campus environment, 60+ hours of training per week, and several revenue stream options. All of this is conveniently available on our online platform, eXp World. CanadaeXp entered the Canadian market in 2016 with its acquisition of Virteom, a cloud-based

eXp is currently the quickest-growing real estate brokerage in America, and we don’t see that growth slowing down anytime soon. They are expanding into new markets every year, and their goal is to be in the international real estate market.

The link to exp realty US site is https://join.exprealty.com

eXp Realty In Canada

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eXp is an online real estate company initiated in Canada in 2014 and has since expanded throughout the Provinces. The framework for eXp is identical to what they have in the United States – providing a robust education, support system, and networking experience for users in a virtual space. eXp’s services are designed to be scalable so that they can easily adjust and adapt to the growing needs of their agents.

Canada was eXp’s first foreign expansion, and it has swiftly become one of the biggest brokerages in Canada. In fact, it gives Canadian-based companies a run for their money!

The company has continued to grow in popularity, and today, they are one of the leading real estate companies in Canada, with over 5,000 agents.

eXp canada site: https://exprealty.ca/join-exp-canada/

eXp Realty In Australia

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eXp Realty is a company that arrived in 2019 Australia. Its popularity has been soaring due to its agent-focused model, which allows for more opportunities for 64,000 real estate brokers, property managers, and more across the stunning continent of Australia, which holds a population of 15 million people. eXp has been touted as the “#1 Real Estate Company To Work For” and is quickly making waves down under.

eXp Realty Australia site https://www.expaustralia.com.au/join-exp/

eXp Realty In United Kingdom

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As of now, the United Kingdom boasts a population of nearly 68 million people. The real estate market is booming, with 514,000 people employed in 2019 alone and that number is only growing. eXp Realty expanded to the U.K. in 2019 and has since been an integral part of this thriving industry.

The company has made a name for itself by offering top-tier education, resources, and support to its real estate agents. Also, with their cutting-edge technology, they have become a go-to choice for buying or selling property in the U.K.

eXp Realty site for United Kingdom https://join.exp.uk.com/

eXp Realty In France

France is currently home to about 65 million people. Amazingly, there are around 30,000 real estate agencies in the country! eXp Realty only opened its doors in France two years ago, in 2020, but they are already making a huge impact. The company has been able to stand out from the competition by offering an unrivaled teaching system, international reach, first-class customer service, and real estate tech solutions.

eXp France: https://www.expfrance.fr/Join-our-team

eXp Realty In Italy

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Although it’s a close race, Italy’s population falls to just under 60 million people as of recent data. In the real estate sector alone, over 196 thousand employees are needed to keep things running smoothly- from commercial real estate brokers to property managers. eXp Realty opened in Italy in 2021 and has been going strong.

The company has managed to gain global market share by offering an innovative and agent-centric business model, top-notch training and support, and cutting-edge technology. Real estate professionals in Italy have quickly recognized the company’s dedication to meeting the needs of their clients.

eXp Italy https://www.expitaly.it/Join-our-team

eXp Realty In Portugal

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As of 2020, Portugal has a population of just over 10 million people and nearly 7,000 real estate agencies. With 40,000 employees in the field, eXp Realty opened its doors to Portuguese clientele seeking housing assistance. Their commercial brokerage model has been a hit with real estate professionals in the country, offering keener insight and more opportunities for overall company growth.

eXp Portugal https://www.expportugal.com/Join-our-team


India is home to over one billion people, making it one of the most populated countries in the world. The NIR-INDIA reports that around 30,000 agents are working in the country, though more may work independently. The real estate market is growing quickly, and eXp Realty started operating in India in 2020.

The company has found success by offering a variety of services to its clients for joining exp realty. These services include residential and commercial real estate, property management, and more.

eXp India https://www.expglobalindia.co.in/Join-our-team

eXp Realty In South Africa

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With a population of over 60 million people, South Africa has a lot to offer. The real estate industry is booming, with close to 1500,000 employees. eXp Realty arrived on the scene in 2020 and has made a big impact ever since.

eXp Realty first arrived in South Africa in 2020, and since then, about 7% of the workforce, or nearly 117,000 people, have become real estate agents and brokers.

eXp South Africa: https://www.expsouthafrica.co.za/Join-our-team

eXp Realty In Hong Kong

eXp Realty opened in Hong Kong in 2021 to meet the needs of the 38,000 real estate agents working in Hong Kong. With a population of around 7,500,000 people living in Hong Kong, many large agencies continue expanding their services. Given the size of the population and the number of real estate agents, there is a large market for eXp Realty’s services.

eXp Hong Kong: https://www.exphk.hk/Join-our-team

eXp Realty In Mexico

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Mexico houses a population of 130 million people. The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, also known as AMPII, has about 10,000 agents it supports in Mexico. eXp Realty expanded its business to Mexico in 2020 to support the growth of the real estate industry there.

Ismael Gonzalez, head of brokerage of eXp Mexico once said : “My country needed this”

eXp Mexico https://www.expmexico.mx/

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eXp Realty In Puerto Rico

The stunning island of Puerto Rico has just under 2 million people. According to the Puerto Rico Association of Realtors, there are approximately 12,000 realtors currently employed on the island. eXp Realty launched its services in Puerto Rico in 2021.

eXp Puerto Rico https://www.exppuertorico.pr/Join-our-team

eXp Realty In Brazil

In Brazil, there are more than 214 million residents. The country’s real estate market is growing rapidly, employing around 328,000 people in recent years. There are nearly 100,000 real estate companies operating in Brazil. eXp Realty arrived on the scene in 2021.

eXp Brasil https://www.expglobalbrasil.com.br/Join-our-team

eXp Realty In Colombia

Hoover up to one of South America’s most beautiful countries: Colombia. To be found on the northern tip of the continent, Colombia is known for its fantastic coffee, friendly people, and vibrant culture. The real estate industry in Colombia is growing quickly, but no association represents the agents. eXp Realty started its real estate services in Colombia in 2021.

eXp Colombia: https://www.expcolombia.co/Join-our-team

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eXp Realty In Israel

There are approximately 8.8 million citizens living in Israel today. Though the real estate market is currently slow, it’s predicted to grow soon. Because real estate only comprises a small part of Israel’s economy, it can be challenging to find an accurate number of agents working in this field. eXp Realty began its real estate operations in Israel in 2021. The company has found great success by offering various services to its clients for joining exp realty.

eXp Israel https://www.expisrael.co.il/join-our-team

eXp Realty In Spain

Get to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world: Spain. With a population of over 46 million people, Spain is known for its beautiful architecture, stunning scenery, and delicious food. The Spanish real estate market is growing quickly, employing nearly 300,000 people. eXp Realty started its real estate services

In Spain, the population is around 46 million. With over 35,000 real estate agencies, Spain now supports around 136,000 real estate agents. eXp Realty started operations in Spain in 2021.

eXp Spain https://www.expglobalspain.com/join-our-team

eXp Realty In Germany

eXp Realty’s recent expansion into Germany has made it the 18th country in its network. The move was based not only on eXp World Holdings’ growth as a company but also because Germany is the fourth largest economy with the biggest population in Western Europe. With such success already, it’s likely that eXp will continue to expand worldwide.

eXp Germany https://www.expgermany.de/Join-our-team

eXp Realty In Greece

My recent trip to Greece and i understand why eXp open to do business in Greece. Amazing food. Amazing people and most of all. OPPORTUNITY!


eXp Realty continues to expand as I am writing this article. More information can be found at eXp Global website https://expglobal.partners/

FAQs on eXp Realty Countries

Is eXp Realty in every state?

eXp Realty has been running in every state throughout the U.S. since 2018, and as of August 2021, the company has broadened across a total of 18 countries with possibly 19th and 20th country expansions in the works.

Is eXp Realty a good company to work for?

eXp Realty is known to be one of the more progressive companies in the real estate industry, which has caused many agents to flock to the company. eXp has a very agent-centric focus, allowing its agents to feel supported in their business. The company also offers many perks and benefits not found at most brokerages.

How many countries is exp realty in 2022?

eXp Realty is currently running in a total of 22 countries in 2022

Where is eXp Realty’s headquarters?

eXp Realty is a real estate company situated in Bellingham, Washington, United States.

Why is eXp Realty expanding so fast?

eXp Realty gives realtors the training, resources, and technology they need to succeed in an ever-changing market. With eXp Realty, agents have what they need to thrive even as the industry shifts online.

In Conclusion

What countries is exp realty in 2022? We hope this article has helped answer that question for you. eXp Realty is in the United States, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, France, Colombia, India, Israel, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Germany, Greece, Poland with more expansions planned for the future. If you’re looking for a company that will support your real estate career, eXp Realty is a great choice.

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