I stumbled upon an interesting reading during my miracle morning, and want to share this with everyone. This is a “flow” chart of a person to determine their level of happiness.


If you paid any attention during Philosophy 101 class in college days, you will recall that Aristotle came to a conclusion that a person wants to be happy above all else. But the real question is:

What makes you happy?

It was actually quite hard for me to answer the question above until I stumble on this concept. The chart below is from a Psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He took Aristotle concept a bit further and call it “flow“. According to him, you are happy when you are in the “flow”. The “flow” usually occurs when:

  • intensely focused on an activity
  • of our own choosing, that is
  • neither under-challenging (bore-out) nor over-challenging (burnout), that has
  • a clear objective, and that receives
  • immediate feedback.

Each person is different. I can only tell you from my personal experience. My happiness for example, does not come from relaxation with a glass of margarita on the beach like most people. In fact, if you put me on a beach for three months and make me do nothing but staring at the sea, I will be bored to death.

 On the opposite side, I am happiest when I am productive. I could not be happier when I got a perfect deal for my clients. Just like athletes are the happiest when they are absorbed in an intense physical activity and reach a new level, I have to be in the “flow” in order to be happy.

Have you ever immerse yourself in an activity that you completely forget the present of time, and have a profound sense of satisfaction when the job is well done?  Recall how you feel about that time

I am in the flow when my hand touches Real Estate. What about you? I can’t wait to hear your story.

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In the picture:  Another…happiest moment in life, other than Real Estate.