Recent car buying experience made me realize that doesn’t matter how good something look on paper, you have to test drive it! The BMW series 3 that i test drove does not have any magnificent specs compare to its rival but man, when you stepped on that gas pedal and see how the car propel you, how it handle the corner. You just want to give the dealer all your money,

Same thing with real estate brokerage, How do you know that this is THE brokerage for you? Do you just read about it, do you just hear people talk about it? How do you test drive that brokerage and feel the people, the culture, the heart beat of a company?

Don’t look at what people say, look at what people do, and how they live.

The best way is through event! If you are interest in eXp Realty, in Team Legacy, in us, come out of the house and attend our event, test drive us, talk to us, see our ICON series training in your own eyes, talk to a Leader, a ICON agent and ask them what is it like to have revshare, what is it like to have the stock vested in the company. What is it feel like to give back to the agent community and asked for nothing back?


PS: If you missed the event here is a recording online. Follow us on FB for the next education event!