I had an opportunity to played tennis with a fine looking young man whose job is a salesperson for a school that teaches young athletic about mindset. I was so happy to see this kind of school actually exist!

There are thousand of school in America teaching about application, aka the direct skill on how to make a living. while this is good I did not see often enough school that are teaching people about mindset, preparing their mind the correct way to enter the real work.

Ask any kids that is currently going to business school this question: “What is the sole purpose of you going to business school?” and you will get the answer. Most of them will tell you “I want to make money and live a good life”. you can certainly argue that this is a valid reason, however, I will say that this is a wrong mindset if your sole purpose is to make money.

Zig Ziglar said it repeatedly :”If you help enough people to get what they want, you will eventually have what you want” . The name of the game is How many people i can help, how big of a problem i can solve, NOT how much money I can make” This is the core fundamental that I see is missing in most of our students. This explained why we have have so many crooked business man in our financial system and in other industry. Our School and colleges, and teacher has not mentally prepare for the next generation to enter the real world with the correct mindset.

It’s all boiled down to this: When you deliver the product or service, you have to fully believe that the product or service will help your customers and clients and commit to their success. If you help your customer or clients to get what they want, you will eventually get what you want.