Huy 2 cent on the current economic cycle not an economy printing money asset price increase everything you touch become gold. unproductive envrionment alot of money and no productivity unhealthy inflation higher cost for everything since there no real productiviity, average american could not afford it which lead to social unrest last thing the goverement want in their book is social unrest only tool – raise interest rate raising interesting rate – you basically taking the money out of the system but at what cost and does it really solve the problem as you can see, the housing marketing cool down. stock market enter bear teritory. business slow down on their investment which further hurt the country productivity. we have some x factor such as the us embarassely pulling out of Afgan the war in ukraine. other non-western country taking delivery of gold according to differene new source why i am telling you all this? I just see more and more evidence that the US Dollar is loosing value as the world reserve currently. and fortunately, or unfortunately everywhere we made is denominated under us dollar, If you have any non income productive real estate right now, may be thinking about selling end and really adding on your porfolio asset that are recession proof, income producing real estate. buying the house and hope for the value to go up is no apply in the next couple year, unless you know how to find home for cheap and flip it Owning gold and silver will not make you rich, but if there is a senarios where the US really lose his plate as a global reserve currently. You will see hyper inflration and be glad to have some gold until then, lets go out to the market place and produce. being productive has been and will be the only way to get us out of trouble.