I came across many new investors today that asked a generic question:

Is it a good time to buy or sell? the correct answer is that I really depend on you, what stage of the investment are you need? Are you in the expansion mode that needs to buy or are you cashing out and going to retirement? Are you having little cash, or too much cash in your account?

Are you cashing out and rolling your investment to a bigger project, or you simply cashing out and spend it?

Some hedge fund just have to buy, they have a projected return to their investors and they have to buy no matter what. You are different. you don’t have to buy all the time and can cherry pick a good deal.

I stumble on this article on my morning reading that explains by why Ken is selling $200 Million worth of Real estate at a 4% cap rate and it still a win-win? I will link the article below.


Don’t follow other people. Pay attention to the market, but follow your Inner Timeline.

Have an awesome day