two type of freedom

I personally love travel for this simply one reason.Every single time i came back from my trip, i appreciate what i currently have and what's around me a lot more, and continue to strive for more. I would like to discuss the two most basic type of freedom. Financial free, and location free. Like T... Continue Reading →

 Property Number #16 debrief

Property Number #16: debrief Smell like curry Another one came from the wholesaler that I like. And man, the whole house smell like curry when I arrived. I don’t know if this is the main reason why I have no competition or not. After some negotiation with the wholesaler, I was able to lower the... Continue Reading →

How to buy a house using credit cards?

This is a double edged sword. However, if used carefully, it will expand your rental portfolio. There is two prerequisite for this strategy: having an excel credit score and a good lender. If you don't have one or neither, you have to start working on fixing and finding them. If cash is king, credit is... Continue Reading →

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